Sunday - May 01

Grand Hall

Janet Beat: A Portrait


Janet Beat Work for Tape
Apollo and Marsyas for clarinet synthesised sound
Circe for solo viola Piangam for piano and tape
Yann Ghiro clarinet James Clapperton piano Scott Dickinson viola

“I get the best of all possible worlds by using computers along with human performers for I can exploit the special qualities which each can bring to the music... there are qualities such as the subtle nuances of timbre and phrase which human performers bring to a performance which technology cannot match, as well as their concepts of interpretation.” Janet Beat

This event showcases Beat’s interest in human and technological interaction - as well as works purely electronic and acoustic. One of her works for synthesizers, tape machines and acoustic instruments is followed by Apollo and Marsyas featuring Yann Ghiro, the BBC SSO’s Principal Clarinet. Beat’s 1974 work for solo viola, is performed by her former student (she taught at what is now the RCS) and BBC SSO Principal, Scott Dickinson; and this composer portrait ends with Piangam, made up from the words piano and gamelan, and was inspired by Beat’s life-long love affair with the East and pitches a piano against sounds of birdsong, bells and gongs.