Saturday - April 30

Grand Hall

Silvia Tarozzi: Mi Specchio E Rifletto


Silvia Tarozzi vocals, violin, slide guitar, radio, toys, composition Valeria Sturba vocals, violin, theremin
Stefano Pilia baritone electric guitar
Edoardo Marraffa tenor and soprano saxophones
Cecilia Stacchiotti synthesizers, keyboard, vocals, bansuri flute

Tectonics Glasgow 2022 opens with a live performance of music from Tarozzi’s 2020 album Mi Specchio E Rifletto , inspired by the Milanese poet Alda Merini. Over a decade, Tarozzi used the rhythms of Merini’s poetry as building blocks for her own work, resulting in ‘a nuanced investigation of the divine feminine, illuminating complex emotional specifics of motherhood and life’ (Pitchfork).